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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

We provide psychiatric evaluations and medication management via video-conferencing (zoom).  Medication Management means prescribing medications, checking your response to medicine, and talking about things in your life outside of medication treatment.

We are an expanding group of psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners and prescribing psychologists.  Psychiatrists, psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners, and prescribing psychologists learn and practice various therapy modalities.  However, they also diagnose and treat psychiatric conditions with prescription medications.  Our visits incorporate brief therapy, but most people find a combination of treatment with their counselor, therapist, or psychologist, along with our psychiatry visits, beneficial.

Our psychiatric evaluations assess for medication treatment.  They are up to one hour long and where we discuss mood, history, medical conditions, and family history to help us determine the best course of action with you.

We do not typically need full psychological or neuropsychological testing for prescribing medications.

We believe in treating ADHD with evidence-based treatment, which includes stimulant and non-stimulant medications.

Due to telemedicine rules, this practice cannot prescribe stimulants to anyone prescribed benzodiazepines, Buprenorphine, or narcotic pain medications.

Additionally, this Online ADHD practice must adhere to the following:

  • If you are changing providers, your new prescription medication will be fillable 30 days after the State’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program shows the last controlled medication was filled.
  • We cannot authorize early refills of controlled medications
  • There is a urine drug screen as part of the evaluation.
  • MONTHLY telehealth visits are needed for continuation/refills of controlled medications.
  • We cannot prescribe above the FDA-indicated doses.